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Water offers one of the best forms of recreation. Most people will, therefore, want to go even with tier infants to give them chance to enjoy the waters. This is probably on the boat tour to the sea. It is required that recreational boat [participants be equipped with life-saving jackets. If you are therefore going with your kid, you should have the infant life jackets. They are required for the sake of your baby's lives. The Societal Guard requires that each child has a safe life vest when you are going for recreation in the water.  Learn more about best swim vest for toddler, go here. 


There are few features that make a safe live vest for your kids. The USCG has placed criteria to test any life jacket before its use. If a jacket meets their criteria, it has a seal of the USCG. If it does not have, then, it is nor qualified to be used.  The jacket should have a float collar that keeps the head of the baby above water. It should as well have the crotch strap to secure the kid's body tightly.  If the bay balls in water, it has a grip loop to get them out quickly.  A quality lifesaver should keep the baby upright and safely. Find out for further details on infant life jacket reviews right here.  


It is advisable that you test the life jacket before taking it for use in the sea. Testing helps you to determine the best fit for your baby. Put it on the baby and see whether it's too small or too big. Try to pull it over the baby and see whether he/she can slip through it. If they slip, then it's too big for them. If you realize that the baby is struggling to breathe or uncomfortable, it means that the vest is too small. Once you get the right fit, go out to test out its performance. The best place to test the saver is in a pool. Try to hold the baby facing downwards in the pool. If it is fully functional, it should turn upside down and bring the head of the baby upright. If it does not, keep it aside as it is not safe. 


Many people would try to buy a second-hand saver so save some few bucks. The lifesaver vest is not expensive, and you don't save a lot by buying a used one. The reason why it is not advisable to buy a used one is that life savers expire. Take a look at this link for more information.